Friday, September 30, 2011

Manfaat dan Fungsi E-mail

Peti Surat Maya anda

Ikuti anda walauke mana sahaja

Ia boleh dibukaatau dilihat di mana-mana kedai yang sediakan khidmat internet.

Apa ManfaatEmail?

Hubungan – yangjauh
  • Ahli keluarga
  • Kawan
  • Hal kerja dan pejabat

  • Kongsi
  • Tukar maklumat
  • Info terkini / berita
  • Nota
  • Dokumen

  • Simpanan maklumat peribadi
  • Alamat kawan
  • Alamat rumah

  1. EMail enables speedy communication
  2. Email provides the receiver an option to respond immediately
  3. Email saves tons of trees daily (Alternative to papers)
  4. Email saves tons of fuels daily (Freight vehicle fuels)
  5. User enjoys sending colorful and attractive messages using HTML
  6. Businesses enjoys no or low cost communication
  7. A new business opportunity for email service providers through Ads
  8. A free communication media for users
  9. More delightful fast and rich media presentation for receiver
  10. After all, email is the first source to interact with a person personally when he is free unlike in a telephone or any real time we need the receiver to be engaged
  11. e-mail is a low cost way to transmit messages
  12. e-mail messages are always easy to locate
  13. it is always a secure means of sending messages
  14. it eliminates the need for conventional surface mail
  15. you can choose priority (high which is fast or low which is slow)
  1. Lack of computer knowledge among people, so not sure all receiving parties use email system
  2. Unwanted SPAM emails
  3. Illegal contents including VIRUS damages end user systems, data & reputation
  4. Email might not send due to loss of conection to the internet 


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